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MS6 / MS8 Series

KSP rewindable, three-phase asynchronous submersible motors, Series MS6 and MS8 fulfil the highest demands of our customers with regard to quality and reliability. Their sturdy construction of casted austenitic (γ-Fe) stainless steel 1.4401 (AISI 316) ensures top performance plus long life operating in extreme environmental conditions. Submersible motors, Serie MS6 cover a range of water supply applications that require power from 7,5HP to 60HP and Serie MS8 from 40HP up to 125HP.

KSP submersible motors, Series MS6 and MS8 are made of casted stainless steel 1.4401 (AISI 316). Through a careful research of the supports, an optimal circulation of the internal cooling liquid is achieved and with the large cooling space, the motors always operate at optimum temperature range. Furthermore, their rewindable motor construction with winding wires insulated with PVC or PE2/PA for ambient temperature up to 50oC, it makes the submersible motors Series MS6 and MS8 an ideal solution for heavy-duty applications, such as narrow wells, high liquid temperatures or even marine applications. The highly innovative, environment friendly, bidirectional, with anchored tilting pads thrust bearings, they enable the best heat dissipation and ensure the long life of motor operation. In order to achieve maximum protection of the motor burnout, all motors can be fitted with a PT100 temperature sensor. All KSP submersible motors are designed to fit pump ends manufactured according to NEMA standards.

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