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MC6 / MC8 Series

KSP rewindable, three-phase asynchronous submersible motors, they are the quality choice for your submersible pumps. KSP submersible motors, Series MC6 is a complete range, available from 5,5kW up to 45kW and Series MC8 is available from 30kW up to 93kW.

KSP submersible motors, Series MC6 and MC8 are provided of sturdy cast-iron. A careful study of the supports and water lubricated thrust bearing, using the finest available materials, maintain the long life of the submersible motor operation. The usage of water lubricated bearings on both sides of motor’s shaft provides more stability to the motor and pump shaft as also, provide more protection to motor’s life when pump is misaligned. Pressure equalizing rubber diaphragm is provided to guard the pressure and volume variations of the water inside the motor.  High efficiency, large cooling surface and internal liquid circulation are some advantages among other.  Series MC6 – MC8 submersible motors can be supplied with winding wires insulated with PE2/PA for ambient temperature up to 50oC and with PT100 sensor for motor protection burnout. All KSP submersible motors can be offered in bronze version and they are designed to fit pump ends manufactured according to NEMA standards.

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