The parent company of K.S.P, it was established in Argos, in Southeastern Greece, in 1977, primarily as a manufacturer of vertical turbine pumps. After few years, spurred by the growing demand towards more advanced pumping instances, it entered in the field of electric submersible pumps. Its dedication to product development and the consequent orientation to provide high-quality products they consisted the formidable features that turned our company into supplier for Greek and foreign well-known companies from 1980s until the 1990s.

The discernment of the potential of the foreign markets, it urged KSP to build its distribution network in foreign markets, such as Italy, Algeria, Morocco, Republic of Yemen, Tunis and Libya in the early of 2000s. The increasing demand for our products and the need for widening array for products, it compelled the extension of the production depth through strong synergies with independent companies in order to respond quickly and efficiently to the customers’ demands and requirements.

In nowadays, K.S.P. is in a position to offer an extensive range of submersible pumps with capacities up to 500m3/h and heads up to 600m and submersible motors, in 6-inch and 8-inch sizes, available in cast-iron, bronze and stainless steel.

About us

K.S.P is the only Greek company that produces submersible motors and one of the few Greek manufacturers of submersible pumps. Our key strength is the ability to offer all-round solutions with high quality products and to customize them according to our customers’ demands.

Cast-iron, marine bronze, casted stainless steel, Noryl, can be used to create products in different material versions which can meet the requirements in a wide range of applications relevant to the use of clean water: aquaculture, water extraction and transport for civil needs, subsea applications, water desalinization, agriculture and irrigation.


Our constant orientation towards to our clients requirements forms our mission. Our mission is to provide high quality products, tailor-made to our customer needs, with the best mix of strength, durability and reliability. Beyond the mere supply of products, we strive constantly to forge lasting relationships with our customers by putting our 35-years of experience and technical consultancy at their disposal that turn our company a dependable partner for them rather than just a supplier.

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